Compared: The Highest Speeding Fines in 10 Countries

Most people will at some point in their lives get a speeding fine, even those who generally drive quite sensibly and within speed limits for the most part. In fact, it’s quite commonplace for most drivers in the UK to get what’s known as an SP30 endorsement (exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road), which basically means you have gone over the speed limit and have got 3 points and a fixed penalty fine of £60 for your troubles.

There are, of course, a few individuals that rack up some rather astronomical speeding fines - either because of their reckless driving, or because of the weird way in which the laws in their country calculate speeding fine costs! One thing to remember if your reading this, speeding isn’t cool and certainly isn’t a cool thing to impress your friends. Horrific accidents can happen because of vehicles not obeying road safety and speed limits. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of an horrific accident caused by a road collision, there are companies out there that can help such as Beecham Peacock.

Take a look at our comparison of the highest speeding fines from ten different countries, and be safe in the knowledge that you will probably never have to pay for such sky high fines in the United Kingdom!

10. United Kingdom

Here in Britain, fixed penalties for speeding attract a maximum fine of £60. If the case gets referred to court, then the maximum fine is £1,000, or £2,500 for motorway offences. In certain circumstances, the driver could even get a driving ban or jail time, such as the case of Tim Brady who got caught speeding at 172 MPH back in 2007 and was sentenced to 10 weeks jail time, a 3-year driving ban, and ordered to pay £474 costs.

9. Iceland

If you are speeding in Iceland, expect to pay a hefty speeding fine. People caught driving at 87 MPH or more will get a speeding fine of £689.

8. Denmark

For people that go 100% or more over the speeding limit, you will get a fine of up to £860.

7. France

In France, if you are caught speeding more than 31 MPH over the speed limit then you can expect an on-the-spot fine of up to £1,282.

6. United States

West Virginia has some of the highest speeding fines in the United States. Drivers can typically expect to pay £3.29 per mile they go over the speed limit plus £40 in court costs. With other fines such as for reckless driving, speeding fines can potentially go over £1,973.

5. Portugal

In Portugal, speeding fines are calculated based on the type of road you were caught speeding on, and how fast you were going over the limit. The highest speeding fines can top £2,137 if you are caught going 50 MPH over the speed limit on certain roads and motorways.

4. Canada

In 2008, a motorcyclist was caught doing 163 MPH in Alberta. The man managed to do a deal with prosecutors and keep his licence in exchange for a £7,514 fine.

3. Dubai

A woman in Dubai racked up a record 257 speeding fines, totalling £35,900 back in 2012. Dubai depends on fees and taxes for around 77 percent of its budget revenue, and with the fines given to this particular lady it’s easy to see why!

2. Finland

A Finnish millionaire was caught speeding back in 2004, doing 50 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. The man was fined a jaw-dropping £142,000! Finland uses a person’s income amongst other factors to determine the value of a speeding fine.

1. Switzerland

In 2010, a 37-year old man got caught doing 180 MPH in Switzerland and was fined a whopping £538,000, which to date is the world’s most expensive speeding fine. The man, originally from Sweden, was driving a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at the time.

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